About Me - Mark Hummel



I am Mark Hummel, software developer and manager of Beeffective Apps. I have been programming seriously since I was 12, but started tinkering at 7 years old. Following on, I studied Computer Science at the Australian National University, graduating in 2000. I worked as a developer for seven years before becoming an independent contractor. 

I became interested in the art and science of planning after reading The Seven Habits of Highly Effective People, by Stephen Covey. Why I needed to read this book maybe the subject of a future post.

I like to ski when the Snowy Mountains are blanketed in snow and ride my mountain bike when they aren't. 


I developed PlanMyWeek because I found myself spending as much time planning for a week as some of my tasks, and then finding the results unsatisfying. Obviously if I was a better planner, the app would never exist. Speaking to others I found that I was not alone in wanting to plan effectively. Posts on the Internet convinced me the desire is widespread.


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